Package edu.cuny.qc.speech.AuToBI

Class Summary
Aggregation A class to store aggregations of real numbered information.
AlignmentUtils Utility class for aligning information to Regions.
AuToBI Driving class for the AuToBI system.
AuToBIClassifier An abstract serializable class to store, call and train classifiers.
AuToBIFileReader A wrapper class to BufferedReader that tracks the current line number of the file.
AuToBIFileWriter A wrapper around a BufferedWriter.
AuToBIParameters AuToBIParameters stores and provides access to command line arguments sent to AuToBI.
AuToBIReaderUtils AuToBIReaderUtils is a utility class to store static methods to support reading files in AuToBI.
AuToBIUtils Stores general utility functions for AuToBI.
ClassifierUtils A class containing static utility functions for classifiers.
ContextFrame ContextFrame is used to slide a word based frame across a list of doubles (like a pitch or intensity contour).
ContextNormalizedFeatureExtractor A feature extractor to calculate context normalized aggregations of Doubles or lists of TimeValuePairs.
CorrectionSpectrumPADFeatureExtractor A feature extraction to generate hypothesized correction values for spectrum based pitch accent detection.
CorrectionSpectrumPADFeatureSet A FeatureSet subclass to generate correction classifications.
CorrectionSpectrumPADTrainer Entry point class to train and store Correcting Classifiers for Spectral Pitch Accent Detection.
DeltaTimeValuePairFeatureExtractor DetltaTimeValuePairFeatureExtractor extracts aggregate qualities of the first order differences of a list of TimeValuePairs.
DifferenceFeatureExtractor Calculates the difference of a previously extracted numeric feature on each region and the following region.
Distribution A class to extend commonly used distribution functions to HashMap.
DurationFeatureExtractor DurationFeatureExtractor extracts features related to the length of the regions.
EnsembleSampledClassifier Ensemble Sampling Classifiers divide the training data into k samples.
EvaluationResults The results from an evaluation -- without storing instances
Feature The Feature class stores information about extracted features.
FeatureExtractor An abstract base class for extracting features from region objects.
FeatureExtractorException FeatureExtractorException is a wrapper around Throwable to differentiate Exceptions that come from FeatureExtractor objects.
FeatureSet FeatureSet objects are responsible for maintaining information about the features required for a classification task.
IntensityExtractor Intensity extractor an intensity contour from a wave file.
IntermediatePhraseBoundaryDetectionFeatureSet IntermediatePhraseBoundaryDetectionFeatureSet describeds the required features and class attribute for the Intermediate Phrase Boundary detection task.
IntermediatePhraseBoundaryDetectionTrainer IntermediatePhraseBoundaryDetectionTrainer is used to train and serialize models that distinguish (intonational phrase medial) intermediate phrase boundaries from phrase internal word boundaries.
IntermediatePhraseBoundaryFeatureExtractor IntermediatePhraseBoundaryFeatureExtractor is a FeatureExtractor that is responsible for extracting ground truth labels for whether or not a word boundary is an intermediate phrase boundary.
IntonationalPhraseBoundaryDetectionFeatureSet IntonationalPhraseBoundaryDetectionFeatureSet describeds the required features and class attribute for the Intonational Phrase Boundary detection task.
IntonationalPhraseBoundaryDetectionTrainer IntonationalPhraseBoundaryDetectionTrainer is used to train and serialize models that distinguish intonational phrase boundaries from phrase internal word boundaries.
IntonationalPhraseBoundaryFeatureExtractor IntonationalPhraseBoundaryFeatureExtractor is a FeatureExtractor that is responsible for extracting ground truth labels for whether or not a word boundary is an intonational phrase boundary.
MatchingFeatureExtractor MatchingFeatureExtractor extracts a feature that determines if two other features match, or differ.
NegativeSymmetricList NegativeSymmetricList is a wrapper around an ArrayList that is symmetric for positive and negative indices.
NormalizedFeatureExtractor NormalizedFeatureExtractor extracts noramlized time value pair features.
Pair<T1,T2> Pair is a lightweight generic to represent two objects as a single Pair.
PartitionUtils PartitionUtils is a set of static functions used for constructing partitions of data points.
PhraseAccentBoundaryToneClassificationFeatureSet PhraseAccentBoundaryToneClassificationFeatureSet is responsible for describing the features necessary to perform classification of intonational phrase ending tones -- phrase accents and boundary tones.
PhraseAccentBoundaryToneClassificationTrainer PhraseAccentBoundaryToneClassificationTrainer is responsible for training and serializing a classfier to distinguish pairs of phrase accents and boundary tones.
PhraseAccentBoundaryToneFeatureExtractor PhraseAccentBoundaryToneFeatureExtractor is a FeatureExtractor that is responsible for extracting ground truth labels for the pair of phrase accent and boundary tones that are found at the end of an intonational phrase.
PhraseAccentClassificationFeatureSet PhraseAccentClassificationFeatureSet is responsible for describing the features necessary to perform phrase accent classification.
PhraseAccentClassificationTrainer PhraseAccentClassificationTrainer is responsible for training and serializing a classfier to distinguish phrase accents.
PhraseAccentFeatureExtractor PhraseAcentFeatureExtractor is a FeatureExtractor that is responsible for extracting ground truth labels for the phrase accent of each word
PitchAccentClassificationFeatureSet PitchAccentClassificationFeatureSet is responsible for describing the features necessary to perform pitch accent classification.
PitchAccentClassificationTrainer PitchAccentClassificationTrainer trains and serializes a pitch accent classification model.
PitchAccentClassifierCollectionGenerator PitchAccentCalssifierCollectionGenerator has the task of reading a set of PitchAccentClassifiers and constructing and serializing a PitchAccentClassifierCollection object.
PitchAccentDetectionClassifierCollection PitchAccentDetectionClassifierCollection contains and serializes the ensemble of classifiers that are used in corrected energy based pitch accent detection.
PitchAccentDetectionFeatureSet PitchAccentDetectionFeatureSet describes the features required for detecting pitch accents.
PitchAccentDetectionTrainer PitchAccentDetectionTrainer trains and serializes a pitch accent detection classifier.
PitchAccentFeatureExtractor PitchAccentFeatureExtractor extracts the ground truth presence or absence of a pitch accent for a set of regions.
PitchAccentTypeFeatureExtractor PitchAccentTypeFeatureExtractor extracts ground truth labels for the type of pitch accent (if any) on each region.
PitchCandidate A single hypothesized PitchCandidate stores the frequency and the strength of a hypothesis.
PitchExtractor A class to extract Pitch from WavData using Paul Boersma's Sound_to_Pitch algorithm included in Praat.
PitchFrame PitchFrame represents a number of pitch candidates for a single frame
PseudosyllableFeatureExtractor PseudosyllableFeatureExtractor hypothesizes syllables for a given signal and aligns the loudest contained syllable to each region.
Region Region is a class to describe a region in time.
ResetTimeValuePairFeatureExtractor ResetTimeValuePairFeatureExtractor identifes the change of a contour across region boundaries.
SampledDataAnalyzer A class to implement utility functions used by factory classes that perform sampled data analysis.
SpeakerNormalizationParameter A set of parameters used for speaker normalization

Currently is used for z-score normalization of pitch, log pitch, intensity and log_intensity

SpeakerNormalizationParameterGenerator SpeakerNormalizationParameterGenerator is a tool to construct speaker normalization parameters given a set of wav files.
SpectralPitchAccentDetectionFeatureSet SpectralPitchAccentDetectionFeatureSet describes a feature set necessary for the corrected weighted majority voting classification used by SpectralPitchAccentDetector.
SpectralPitchAccentDetector SpectralPitchAccentDetector is an ensemble classifier.
SpectralTiltFeatureExtractor SpectralTiltFeatureExtractor extracts spectral tilt from a each region.
Spectrum Contains acoustic spectrum information.
SpectrumExtractor SpectrumExtractor is used to generate the spectrum from a wav file.
SpectrumFeatureExtractor SpectrumFeatureExtractor extracts the energy from a specific frequency range.
SpectrumPADFeatureExtractor SpectrumPADFeatureExtractor is a FeatureExtractor which generates hypothesized pitch accent detection (PAD) prediction hypotheses given a particular spectral region.
SpectrumPADFeatureSet SpectrumPADFeatureSet describes the features that are required for generating pitch accent detection (PAD) hypotheses based on energy information and spectral tilt from a specific frequency region.
SpectrumPADTrainer SpectrumPADTrainer is used to train pitch accent detection classifiers based on a specified spectral region.
SubregionFeatureExtractor SubregionFeatureExtractor constructs "subregions" aligned with the end of the supplied regions and preceding the ending boundary by a specified amount of time.
SubregionResetFeatureExtractor SubregionResetFeatureExtractor extracts reset features from subregions.
SubregionTimeValuePairFeatureExtractor SubregionTimeValuePairFeatureExtractor extrcts standard time value pair features from subregions rather than from the entire supplied regions.
SubregionUtils SubregionUtils is a utility class to house static functions for the processing of subregions.
SubWord Subword is used to describe subword regions, such as syllables.
Syllabifier A class to generate pseudosyllable hypotheses.
TextGridReader Read a TextGrid and generate a list of Words.
TextGridTier TextGridTier is a Tier object tailored to the format of TextGrid tiers.
Tier Tier is an abstract class for storing groups of regions.
TimeValuePair TimeValuePairs associate values and times, and are typically used to represent acoustic contours in AuToBI.
TimeValuePairFeatureExtractor TimeValuePairFeatureExtractor extracts aggregations from a list of TimeValuePairs.
TimeValuePairUtils TimeValuePairsUtils is a utility class to store static methods relating to TimeValuePairs.
ToBIUtils ToBIUtils is a utility class to store static methods used in the processing and interpretation of ToBI annotations, specifically breaks and tones.
WavData WavData is used to store Wav file data.
WavReader WavReader is used to read Wave files from into memory.
WekaClassifier WekaClassifier is an AuToBI wrapper around a weka classifier.
Word Word are Regions that have a number of ToBI based variables defined.
XValSpectrumPADFeatureExtractor The XValSpectrumPADFeatureExtractor is used to generate cross vaidated predictions of spectral pitch accent detection (PAD) hypotheses.

Exception Summary
AuToBIException A wrapper class to Exception to differentiate AuToBI specific exceptions.
TextGridSyntaxErrorException TextGridSyntaxErrorException is a wrapper over IOException to identify problems in TextGrid syntax.